The photos above were taken by the Mr because, like a dope, I forgot my camera. For some reason the boys were missed in this little mash up but hopefully in a few days I can squeeze a few out of him.

We got home yesterday morning and I am sick as a dog right now. I even took off of work and tomorrow is still up in the air…

anyway… no more griping. I had a fantastic time. Here is most of the story behind the cut:

The ride up was interesting. Mark’s car is sized pretty decently… until you squeeze four people in the back. Fun ride. The hotel was very nice. Though it did lack a few good places to eat. We did find a good place the last night there. This time it was the Mr, Steve, Mark, Cait and I but also Brandon, who was new to our con crew, came along as well. We had a pretty packed room since we only got one but it seemed less chaotic than years past (very odd). We all had a great time hanging out.

The artist alley went very well. My time sharing the “booth” (if that’s what you want to call it) with Emily of Nightengale Needles was fantastic. We got along so great despite the fact that it was quite obvious I was coming down with something saturday night (sorry Emily!!). I got to hang out with Kristi (alanna214) at the table as well and got an little knitting talk in. Behind us was an amazing duo from Stuffed Sushi (I got to go home with a mini kappa maki, for mizuko and a large taco maki for me:3) and down a few isles was Pink Samurai.

I got to see some familiar faces as well as some new ones. Marya (misa1) stopped by and showed off two lovely dolls, Ronan (her living and breathing baby doll>.<)and Ari (her Bjd). The Dynamic duo Sightandsilence and Amphetimine both stopped by the booth a few times to say hello. Shecow of Doa and deviant art was also at the artist alley, selling her art and advertising her face up commission. This was my first time meeting her and she was lovely in person. For someone who says that she’s just started doing face ups, her work is absolutely beautiful.

To be honest (and this has nothing to do with the con itself or the people who went) I really didn’t expect a whole lot at Katsucon because I was mostly selling my doll items. I was there to advertise my commission shop and the etsy store once I get the items listed, but in the end I was quite surprised on how well things had turned out this past weekend. I got some amazing feedback and comments. Some of my sales even came from non-doll collectors. My first sale of the con was from a japanese con goer who bought a mini Totoro hat for a friend who likes tiny things and an acorn went to a woman who’s husband is a wood turner. I got positive feedback from the thorn jewelry and some interesting questions about the thorns themselves.

I think one of the most interesting comments was that someone thought that my sweaters and displays reminded them of the Mori girl style (natural kei as I once heard it referenced as) that is currently in fashion in Japan right now. It was something I discovered a few months past and failed to remember it until it was mentioned again this weekend. It got gears rolling and some interesting thoughts on maybe a better way to understand and describe the style that some of my dolls wear particularly Hitomu… maybe in a less girly more dark version of it. More thoughts on this later.

I’m going to putting a few things up on Doa this week. Because I’m just poo when it comes to selling my wares, here is a link to the shop and a few of the puki hats I have for sale right now. The Totoro hat is listed as sold but I do have a few left from the show that are available. Feel free to ask about them. They are going for $20.

Well the need for sleep has hit (even though I’ve been in bed off and on all day). I’m trying to go into work tomorrow. Cross fingers.

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