The thorn is a little large. Okay, really large. This was the only one on hand that was small enough for Hito to wear. I have several smaller thorns that need to drilled. I just have to bring home the bit (on my fancy new cordless dremel:3). I honestly just wanted to see it photographed… (and to get another excuse to photograph Hito… like I need one)

Still preparing for the convention. Had a few issues with both, silk screening and sewing these past few weeks but ever thing worked out in the end (Kristi I have photos and an email to send you tomorrow afternoon).

I’ve also been busy making Puki hats. I was up till 3 last night cutting out Totoro eyes while waiting for a friend to log on to Aim. Not doing that again. I’m just too exhausted. I wound up sleeping late this morning and not getting as much done as I had wanted to. Luckily have a few hats ready to put up for sale on DOA this week, so look out for a sales post. I have a few Totoro, grey and white. As well as a few helmets (with chin straps:p). I’m just testing the waters, so to speak, before I decide to make anymore for Katsu.

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