Honey Locust Thorn, silver, Swarovski crystal

This is rather on the large size but I wanted to be able to see it in the photo. I’m thinking that maybe this larger thorn is more suited to be a doll sized hair stick. I’m going to leave a few plain but lightly sanded and polished. There are several that have aged, that have an ash or tree bark look to them. They were inspired by shawl pins. It was suggested by a non doll person that they would look lovely on the sweaters. I thought “why not?”

The thorns came from a few tree stumps my Uncle Ed brought in to the shop last week. Being the total city-slicker, I was memorized by the amazing thorns attached to them. Right away I thought “I could do something with these” but I wasn’t sure what. At first I wasn’t very hopeful taking the thorns off the stump. When they are in their green state (and they were very green) they were a bit soft, flexible and the points were easy to break. Uh, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t hurt when they prick you… I laid them out on my work bench, forgetting that they were there and was stung several times. The wounds throbbed for hours. I read that once they dry they become very hard. Furniture makers will even sometimes use them as nails.

I was also told that when the tree grows it branches off into two trunks. One covered in thorns while the other is completely bare… interesting… but maybe boring to some? There is your little lesson on the Honey Locust tree and it’s thorns.

By the way, the doll meet yesterday was lovely. We had a few new visitors as well as new dolls. Tina brought Lassa and with out me even asking, had him try on my Dollshi prototype sweater (Thank you TINA!!!). A few easy changes need to be made but my biggest worry (the decrease from the underarm to the collar) was spot on
\\(-_- )( -_-)//. Life is good. Anyway, we had a great meet and I have started to go through my photos (I swear this time. It’s not just hot air I’m spewing off). So I should have them in a few days-_-.

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