Just a quick one today. To my surprise Hito’s eyes came in this evening. This is my first pair of Mystics and I have to say that they are eight times lovelier in person than in the photos on the site. As soon as I got home I put them in. The biggest difference up close, is that they sit right up to the the eye wells (not back like his last pair). Since Hito’s eyes are quite narrow, high domes simply do not work sadly. This allows me to move them around more, giving him a little more emotion.

You honestly can not see the rich color in the photo above since the eyes themselves are dark and I’m just poo with a camera, but look at the whites in his eyes. They gleam. This has made my day. And just in time for the local meet.

If I didn’t tell you before that I <3’ed you Hito, I’m telling you now. I <3 Hito.

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