i heart msdoll

besides being an amazing artist there are other reasons

i told myself at the beginning of the year that i would finish all of my current doll projects first before thinking of getting any new dolls. hitomu had jumped to the front of the line. as i’ve meantioned before that i wanted to get a spare head of the drayton2 to mod the eyes open for hitomu. i’ve totally fallen in love with the drayton2 sculpt (perfect) and with him (as if you can’t tell. i don’t think readers realize that i have other dolls yet). i’m a bit anxious now to have him complete.
i’ve found myself stalking msdoll and the doa market place religiously just to see how my chances fair at getting another drayton2. so far no luck but then again i was stalking quietly. just before putting a wtb thread up i decide to ask msdoll herself on the message boards. her response as always was fast and very friendly. she said she remembered me from the first order and that she could cast another one and have it sent out by next week. i honestly was prepared to wait a few months to order him but a week had me break into dance?! honestly how wonderful is that? many may not feel the same or understand but i am just too excited. thank you msdoll!

now if i can get rid of the nervousness i get when i think of modding his eyes…duh!

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