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There are times when I photograph this boy, when he looks like he was just dragged out of a comfy bed and lovely dreams. This was one of those moments. Poor boy. I took a ton of photos but even though this one may be so wrong on a technical level it seemed to fit this post.

’09 ended rather frazzled for me and as ’10 begins, it’s finally catching up. I’m flippin’ beat.

It was such a strange year. I really don’t know anyone who said it was a fantastic one for them. For me it wasn’t great but it wasn’t horrible either. Just weird. My little doll world was just an interesting roller coaster ride. I went to some fantastic meets and met some amazing people. I lost someone as well.

The big thing this year was the loss of someone who I thought was a major part of the Baltimore crew. Yeah, she was the youngest of the group and we only knew each other for a short time but in that time she was someone who stood out and really kept the group together. Her random pm’s and emails asking doll advice or ideas/arguments (hahaha) she had for my dolls are missed. On a personal level she knew my dolls. Where I’m the type to ask questions and make suggestions, she was doing the same to me. Not that I care when people don’t. It’s not why I got into this hobby but it’s just a quality I’ve only experienced a few times since I starting. Luckily one of her closest friends has this quality and one that I’m fortunate to know as well.

Last year in both the craft community and doll community I have met some amazing people. All of which have been creative and inspiring. In the past I wasn’t always lucky enough to meet someone new and keep in contact with them but ’09 brought new friends, most of which still keep in touch. If this is all part of the “off” year, I’ll take it.

Last year just rushed by. I feel like I missed too much. I spent more time admiring other people’s dolls (discovery of Japanese blogs. oh no!!) and only spent less than half of the time I would have liked on my neglected boys. I think if I give myself a “New Years” resolution it would be to slow down this year. Take time out to finish the boys I have. Take time out to put together my own world together instead of looking into others.

Now, will that mean you’ll see less of Hito… I doubt it. He is a major part of what I loved in ’09. I <3 this boy too much.

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