So our resident imps, the kappa and tengu, also known as Mizuko and Shou, wanted to do something special for Lauren for her birthday. Mizuko was busy with his crayons all day while Shou just tried to get over the shakes caused by the fact that he has to say something pleasant to someone. Though I will note that Shou thinks Lauren is okay in his book as far as humans are concerned.

Ashbet shares the same birthday as well. Even though the boys haven’t met her yet they hope to soon and also wish her a Happy Birthday.

Are you ready boys?

Mizu-chan: (whisper)You promised you would do this. You even asked to join in.
Shou: Whatever… and no I didn’t.
Mizu-poo: (still whispering) Why are you turning pink?
Shou: (whiny girl shrill, very unlike Shou) Shut up. Just get this over with already.

Mizuko: Ready! Happy Birthday!!!
Shou: mumble….grumble… Birthday… and whatever.

(I have no idea what Hito is looking at, by the way. Something caught his attention. Also I’m not sure what is up with Mizuko’s little stance in this one. What’s with the shifty hip and exposed belly. So not intentional but fitting. It shows how may details I miss when doing these things.)

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