I’m so tired this evening. I should start a tag that says “it’s tuesday and i’m tired”. It always happens.

I’m so itching to work on doll knits again. Luckily one of the gifts I’m giving is a sd sized black cardigan. I was told I can use anything so I’m trying to decide on wool or mohair. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a pattern together to maybe add to the commission styles

Anyway, I was going through my stock of sweaters from the convention and I thought I would finally put a sales page up. These will all go up on doa this week and then after the merry mart I’ll slowly add them to the etsy shop. So that I avoid spamming any of my friends list, all of the info is behind the link

from back to front:

heavenly blue
cocoa/sea foam
white/key lime (i really need to change these names:P)

*Btw, I have pictures of each sweater if anyone wants to see. I just haven’t had time to edit them yet.

These are all sized for the SD13 boy body. The solids have wide necklines where as the stripes have a new shaped crew neck. They may require head removal (Unless your kiddies have really small heads the stripes will more then likely need head removal)
solids are $40
stripes are $50
I will ship priority only. Domestic $5 and international $14. I’ll include insurance and tracking in this until the end of the year.
Anymore details check out my commission page or my etsy shop

If there is anything I missed just leave a comment or email me to let me know.

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