I’m making a super late night post. Spent most of the early part of the day running around. I later foun d myself sitting under the kotatsu watching my one piece marathon while knitting like a mad woman. I’m now trying to make up for the non post I failed to make last night. I predict that it’s just going to be a load of gibberish so bear with me.

The NY Dolpa was announced and the dates seem to be set. I’m going to try my best to go. I have plenty of time to plan. I figured I’ll go to NY by myself for a few days but hating the fact that I would be traveling alone bothers The Mr for some strange reason. So he said he would go as well. We’ll see. I would hate to drag him to another doll event. Meets are one thing. He enjoys those but to spend a few days surrounded by dolls for an entire weekend is another thing. He could have a weekend of video games, the pug and himself.

Totally unrelated, just as I slowly shrunk down my wish list, new doll heads are finding their way on to it. For the past few months I planned that the Swd School A would be my next head. I was going to mod the eyes open a bit. I still plan on getting him but now I see that dollgru opened up her #9 preorder again but only for a few weeks. He is such an odd sculpt but as strange as it is, his profile is quite lovely. I was hoping to find a gentle enough sculpt to pair up with Hito and this one may be it. We’ll see though. If I get him, I’ll paint him up only for him to tell me that my plans were all wrong. It always happens.

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