So cruising through Amazon japan (because, you know, I was in need to spend more money) I discovered that after my four year search, a specific book was back in stock. It was because of this that I decided to throw another book into the cart because 1. it was in stock for once and 2. again I needed to spend money.
I’ve been talking about making my own doll now for a couple of years and even started a few, mainly heads. I’ve been eying up Yoshida Style: Ball Jointed Doll Making Guide for a while. It was never in stock when I was looking for it and when I did find it, it was listed on ebay for an insane price and crazy shipping. I’m so glad I finally decided to buy it. It’s a lot thicker then i had originally thought and it is so full of amazing info. Even though my Japanese stinks I can pretty much understand what is being taught. It has everything from making the doll itself, eyes and even shoes (this was a very pleasant surprise because I want to eventually try making my own). It’s just a fantastic book and very inspiring.

Now on to Hi Iro no Mani-Era

So the reason for me making this order was for the fact that Amazon finally had a copy of Takano Yamamoto’s Hi iro no mani era. I’ve been looking for this book for four years and have been going crazy over this artist since then (LJ folk can see my Yamamoto icons).
I must warn that his art is not for the faint at heart. The photos above are tame compared to the rest of the book. His images and themes tend have some strong morbid overtones. Though his style is so lovely and detailed that you kind of slowly over look the dark themes. <3 Anyway, I’m very happy with my purchases. Sadly I’m falling asleep while typing this so I should head for bed now before my ramblings turn to gibberish.

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