I swear, every time I say “some what human” I always think to myself that that would make a great band name… that is, if it’s not already taken.

Nekocon was this weekend. It wasn’t a huge sell out but I did have a great time and the artist alley experience was awesome. I met some great people and made a few connections so it was well worth it. I bought and traded some lovely items as well as talked to some wonderful collectors. I’ll be sure to post the doll side of things here. As for the non-dolly stuff, that will all go over to the daily.

Btw, I will still be posting daily but as of this con I’ll be posting back and forth. I’ve been neglecting this blog sadly and it’s because I had it in my head that I had to keep the daily going even if it meant posting doll info there instead of here. So now I’ll be posting all my doll info here, in it’s proper place and crafty info and real life stuff on what was the daily. Again I’ll still be posting daily but just on one blog depending on the content… if any of that makes sense at all.
It’s been a long weekend and I’m exhausted. I’ll try to post about the con this week.

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