Cross posting this photo to the daily as well.

Yeah I managed to actually take some photos that I don’t mind… but only after getting some help with photoshop. The mr taught me how to use a few new tools in the program so it will be another thing to over use until I learn something else.

I don’t think I meantioned it in this blog but this was a sweater I was working on last month. It took me several weeks to finish in between commissions. I wanted something extremely airy and sheer and I think I have it. the only thing is finding the right pants to wear with it. As much attention as Hito gets, he is the one with the least amount of item in his possession and wardrobe… unless you count the sweaters. I ordered some lovely tight scratch jeans from sadol earlier this month and I’m going to give them a try but I was really hoping for something a bit more fitted and softer… leggings maybe? not the best way to describe them but it’s close. Hito takes me for a loop when it comes to his personal style. It has certainly changed since the first time he was put together.

Here are two more photos from this shoot that I thought I would post


The background is actually some pieces of tile sheeting (i guess?) that I picked up at a park flea market. I want to try something different other then the same old painted wood panel wall. It’s hard to tell, but Hito is holding it up:P


This is a somewhat lousy close up of an OBD ring I got earlier this month. Again, a first for Hitomu. Tak posses most of the doll crap I’ve bought over the years.

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