i’m crossing posting this in the daily blog since it happened today anyway. sorry lj friends.

we had a mini meet of sorts at patterson park today. the weather was really nice so the mr and i decided to walk (it’s about an hour and a half away from the house).

a few highlights:

-i got to see lauren’s hand work on her new mask

-tina brought a glati (too cute :3)

-the weather couldn’t have been more perfect

a few low points:

-i lost my favorite hoodie (that really bothered me. i loved that thing)

-towards the very end of the meet we had one guy who tried very hard to find out how much the dolls were worth. he was really persistent but we were good pretty good at dodging the questions and gave pretty good answers. a major rule that most collectors follow is never talk price unless it’s with another collector. the whole thing was very strange and a first for me at a meet.

-we totally missed our chance to go up to the pagoda for photos (thank to the lovely persistent man). the mr and i will most likely trek back up there next weekend to do to it though. despite the few things mentioned it was really nice. i’m bummed that it may be the last out door meet for the year.

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