red sweater

here is the finished red sweater. very pretty, is it not? i love doing these commissions. since i haven’t made solid sweaters with all of the colors in my stash, the commissions allow me to see what kinds these colors create. This is the limited red that i got from my last trip to san francisco. i love this color<3. i just have a tiny bit left. maybe enough to add a stripe in a sweater or maybe to make a dolly scarf. i haven't figured out what to do with the bits of mohair i have left yet:3 here are more photos of the back and side behind the cut, as well as info of the vamps shirt.



hito is still lounging in his pj bottoms since the last meet. he doesn’t seem to mind;P i also have to remove the kips in his hips. all of the other kips seem to be working well except for the hips… he just doesn’t want to stand sometimes and i can tell it’s in his hips.

now in regards to the vamp t shirts, if i had already talked to you on line or through pms please ignore this part. it’s not in reference to you so no worries.
i’ve been getting a positive response to the t-shirts i screened recently. thank you so much! i’ve also gotten a few questions wanting to know if they are up for grabs. i only intended on making a specific amount to give to friends, people in the minimee group order i’m taking part in and sell what was left mainly to cover supplies. after that, i was going to focus on my own designs. since posting in the minimee thread all of the shirts are spoken for as of today. the set up, tests and break down are so time consuming (i’m still very much learning at this stage) so i really didn’t plan on making more of this style. if i get enough requests i will break out the screen one last time. pm me on doa if you have any questions.

btw, i should be opening a shop thead for one of a kinds and pieces i have finished. i have a few sweaters that were waiting to be finished after the con that are finally knitted, blocked and ready to go. i’ll update when i have everything ready.

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