busy screenin'

this is part one of my silk screening/t-shirt making experiment. i put together a somewhat primitive set up at work to help me line up the t shirts before printing. it was a huge help. almost all of the prints came out even and crisp. now i go into production sewing.
it’s funny how i run into artist all the time who say that they can’t make the same piece twice or that production work is just something they can’t do. i’ve kind of come to terms with the fact that i actually like production work and i think i’m pretty go at it. i find it quite challenging. it’s part of why i love my full time job since most of my work is production work.

anyway, i’m loving the silk screening process. i’m anxious to finished these t-shirt to work out my sewing mistakes and to start on some new designs to screen. i’m going to have an artist table at nekocon this year and i plan on having t-shirts to sell. it should be fun to prepare.

the commission i sent out last week was received today safe and sound (and oh so fast). i’m ecstatic to say that samantha loved them. she took the time out to put together this amazing photoshoot with one of the sweaters. besides the fact that her hyde is pure love<3<3<3 the sweaters look so lovely on him. i’m so happy. it seems that the shirt was a hit as well. thank you for the commission samantha! it was so great working with you.

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