coffee, dolls and knitting. you know, thee essentials

(for some reason this yarn loves to photograph in day glow*is that even an adjective?*. it’s deeper and more mellow in person)

due to crazy weather last night, the call for rain today and the idea of combining dolls and mud together, we kind of made a last minute decision to switch the picnic meet to next month and meet over at peace and a cup of joe for lunch. i actually like to meet here for several reasons. a few being that the staff is super friendly and has never had an issue with us being there, the food and coffee are really good and it’s so close.


it turned out to be a mini meet of sorts. lauren (doa: Hominivorax) was the only one to show but that was fine. the very first baltidoll meet i went to was just her, the mr and myself. i got to see her new el, syn for the first time. his face up was done by Sour_Dotz and is so lovely. the “piercings” were done by lauren.

i also got a chance to help tighten the strings on his domuya flex body which was an insane and painful project in it’s self. it took three people to get the job done. it was interesting to see one up close to poke and prod. the body has a crazy amount of pieces which each serves it’s purpose but we did learn that you have to keep it tightly strung to get it’s amazing poses.

just a few more pictures. i was surprised that i didn’t take as many as i had hope. we talked the entire time there and several hours flew by in what seemed like no time at all.

tak and the captain

takumi and the captain. tak is wearing my little vamps promo t. a little experiment with sewing and screen printing. the printing is a bit off but that was my first try and was done after the shirt was sew (or so i tell myself).

aww… captain are you doing the little “v” hand sign. it’s just too cute that you’re trying to be hip;3


here is one of hito. not very exciting but he deserved it. he wasn’t having the greatest time. normally i’m very careful with my dolls but it seems in his travel to the cafe i carelessly packed him causing the blushing on his feet to scratch. the mark is pretty big too. in the end i left his shoes off out of guilt.
he also suffered and nasty dye job from the pants he was wearing. luckly when he got home i was able to clean him up… but not with out a bit of effort.

hito and syn

and just when he thought he made a new friend, it just turned out the syn was just trying to get on his nerves make him uncomfortable. sadly syn is new and doesn’t know that it takes a lot for hito to hit the level of discomfort. he would have had better luck with tak. the twins should have told him that before he came to the meet. oh well, lesson learned;P

in the end the meet was great. the food was good and the conversation was never ending. we seriously talked about everything you could, plus more, about dolls. the one thing i love about meeting up with lauren is the fact that she puts so much work into her dolls. so it’s great to hear the processes she goes through to get just the right pieces or mod what she can to make each doll her own. but at the same time she wants to know about your dolls and what you do with them and will ask the same amount of questions. again the conversation was steady and the time just flew. we were there for a good four and a half hours.

again good meet… but now it’s time for bed.

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