no photos this evening. guilt usually settles in when i don’t due to habits i made with the daily blog. it’s also been almost a week since i took any photos of the boysTAT

i sent out the commission today for two sweaters. thinking back i wished i had taken a photo of them nestled in there little box. they were really cute and i think i actually squee’ed(again something i don’t normally admit to). it’s though simple things that keep me entertained.

i have another commission to keep me busy this week. a wide neck sd sized in a solid red. the red is one of the lovely hand dyed yarns i picked up while i was in imagiknits in san fran last year. i only have enough for one last sweater and that’s it. it will be sad to see it go but it’s going to make a beautiful sweater. especially in a wide neck style (which i think i said before is my favorite). i’m excited to see this one when it’s finished. i already cast on for it this evening.

on to dolly news, i decide to treat myself to some mystic eyes. there was a group order started that offered a great price and had the most perfect shade of olive. i’ve been told that the domes are low, which i’m now realizing, is something hito’s sleepy eyes needs. he’s currently wearing a pair of uk glass, which are so beautiful but the domes prevent the whites to sit again the rim of the eye socket. i was going to use lauren’s suggestion and get some eyecos but i think i’m going to save those for emile. there was a pretty pair of blues that i spotted that would be perfect for him.

so i meantioned my love for robin’s egg recent modded swd school a (i so love that boy). i decided that i’m going to start looking for one. either get one new unpainted and or go with one with slight mods and just open the eyes more. i’m still not sure about the mouth but i may get enough nerve and give that a go as well. i could also look into seeing if someone can do the mod for me but i don’t know a lot of people willing to carve away at the mouth.

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