sleepy stripes

hito is not really a black and red stripe type of guy. he thinks it a bit too emo for his taste. i still made him try the sweater on for shits and giggles. … very pretty.

the sweater is for a sample i promised someone. it’s the first project that i’ve been able to work on since the con ended. i’m so happy with the results. this one is staying with me. mainly so that i have a reference for later when i go to make others and also for the fact that my boys (especially the one that i was intended for) looks awesome in it.

so while i wait for a response about this sweater, my next sweater is one for the classic style dollshi. one that i’ve been planning to do for a very long time now. that will be a fun one.

in the mean time here are proper photos of the fit and this sweater


the first one being hito and the sd13 body


this one is an unmodded minimee body.

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