gage in amubleu... pretty<3

so i finally make my con post for the doll blog. i actually started this late last night but gave up when i realized the time.

i had a great time this year. thank you everyone who stopped by to say hello. it was great to see familiar faces as well as meet new ones. i lost my voice by sunday evening talking to everyone… well that and screaming at the vamps concert the thursday before.

i took a chance making all of those sweaters for the convention and i was very happy with the results. i hope everyone who got to take one home felt the same way. thank you again!

i set up the table so that those who had their dolls with them could try on the sweaters before deciding the fit, color and details. it was a lot of fun. i managed to snag a few photos of some of my customers before they were able to leave the table.
the first photo above is alanna214’s lovely gage wearing one my favs. she actually purchased the sweater before having him try it on but brought him down to the AA to let me check him out. he is love i tell you. this is the first time seeing and holding a ryoya konoe in person. photos do not do him justice. his sculpt is lovely and his body is amazing. he can do the loveliest slouch>.otakon photo thread. check it out when you get the chance.

here are a few more from the con. i tried to credit all but sadly i didn’t get everyone’s name so if you see this, leave a comment so i can give the lovely models credit.


hd’s or StandaloneHIMFan123 adonis. i was surprise to see this one fit because he really is a big boy (70cm big) but it was perfect. the color the also a lovely match for him.

this is ZinkuFox’s kaymen. i asked her if i could snag a photo of the back as well. i have a weakness for a certain type of neckline and he had it. i’ll have to ask her again how she did his hair because his hair looked so awesome in person. she started to tell me and we both got distracted.
we did a partial trade. for the sweater i got the cutest pair of goggles for the captain. yes, she made the tiniest pair of puki googles i’ve ever seen. they are incredible. i should have him model them soon for the blog.

here are two more cuties who walked away wearing one of my sweaters.

he was so cute. this style looked so comfy on him. i loved the amigurumi bunny

i totally squee’d when i saw her. so far i’ve never had a female dolls try on my sweaters. she was my first girl model and so pretty at that. the color was so perfect for her skin tone.

sadly i didn’t get everyone but there you have it. it was a great con.
btw, we were so lucky to be neighbors with renzi of aisha voya that weekend. she and her crew were a great bunch to be next to. i just hope we weren’t too obnoxious. she had several of her purple sculpts on display at her table. how cute they looked together. i was able to snag a secret little something from her that weekend so i hope to show off the little one very soon.

you would think that after several months of knitting that i would take a break. i’m not kidding when i say it’s been the main question i’ve been asked this past week. “so now that the con is over, what are you going to keep yourself busy with?”. well i have a few projects in the works. i’m also working on a few new sizes and designs. don’t worry i have plenty to do.

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