the mr took these photos.

mizuko doesn’t get as much attention as another boy i know. i did get this lovely kanzashi for him (even though it’s more suitable for a girl). he and his kimono have a history together and he’s not giving it up anytime in the future. no matter how much teasing he goes through when he wears it. i think he’s adorable.

the kanzashi is made by Kaede-chan on doa. she shared an artist booth and had all of her lovely doll clothes and kanzashi, doll sized and human. just one of the few purchases i made this weekend at otakon. there were so many amazing dolls at the con this year as well as doll craft people. i get to my purchases later this week.

i would post more tonight but the craziness that was all of last week finally caught up to me and i just haven’t had the time and energy to go through the few photos i took. this week though. i got some great photo of kiddies in my sweaters<3.

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