no pictures today.

mallory aka _mouse_ who was the creator and a major part of the baltimore doll group, baltidoll is no longer with us as yesterday evening.

as sunday’s meet began she handed me her wintery telling me exactly what she wanted done. she had planned to buy a body for that doll before otakon. afterward there was nothing but talk about school this september and her birthday next month. she would have been 18 by that time and planned to get her lip pierced with lauren. otakon, where she was planning to staff as well as cosplay, would only be the week after. the meet was like all other meets and we all had a great time. she had made fried rice(who makes fried rice for a picnic?… only mallory). lauren last saw her this past tuesday and said she was her usual self and was excited about the convention.
after getting a message from lauren i thought to myself “if this is one of mallory’s jokes i’m so going to get her the next time i see her”. sadly to my dismay it wasn’t one of her jokes. i really wish it was just so i could tell her off the next time i saw her.
today is not the best day of joey’s life… nor mine. mallory you silly girl, you will be missed.

please keep mallory’s mom and lauren in your thoughts tonight.

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