i need to come up with better titles.

i still haven’t gone through my meet up photos from last weekend. i know i got a few good ones too. alissa brought a copy of the new dolly bird #12 for me which has photos from the harajuku show as well two silver butterfly patterns that i’m dieing to make. mallory also gave me her wintery head to paint.
i’m hoping to do some painting this weekend. finger’s crossed that the humidity is low (yeah right) not only do i have the wintery but katie’s jury to finish. i need to have both done before otakon. mallory wants him for the convention and i not sure when i’ll see katie after the con so i will be busy.

i did make a new hat for the captain which i hope to make more of for the convention. i was trying it on him tonight when i decided to mess around with him and hito. i think hito has a new friend or the captain has a step stool either case i think the hat is a winner.

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