i’ve been a bit sleepy these past few days. i was nodding off just a few moments ago but just remembered that i haven’t posted in my daily yet. i think next year i’m going to keep posting everyday but bounce back between the two(it may sound weird but if i don’t give myself these goals then i wouldn’t post at all). i post so late that sometime i pass over the doll blog just so i can get to bed at a decent time. besides, i like this blog more anyway;P

my plans this weekend are to blush hito and continue with the knitting. i should have plenty to show after this weekend. i’ve been a knitting fiend. due to issues with the wrist i’ve only been able to work on the sweaters since they are knit loose and relaxed. my hand movements are very minimal when i make these so it’s less strain on the wrist. crocheting has been out of the question but i’m going to see if i can give it ago tomorrow.

we have a meet up at lauren’s house on sunday. it should be very fun. i’m going to make cup cakes. if i have time i’m going to stop by the visionary book store and see if they have some extra doll parts i can use to decorate them with. i think i have a bag of hands somewhere around the house in case i fail to go. the meet looks as though it’s going to be small but i’m fine with that. as all as i get to go is all that matters. i’ve been pretty cooped up in the house working on the convention so a doll meet is defiantly needed for my sanity (though i have to admit both this meet and gogadoll would have worked as well;3).

speaking of which HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY KITTYMARU! i hope you have an amazing time at gogadoll.
i look forward to hearing the reports after the convention.

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