this post is pretty much pointless other then to post a few pictures. while the mr was out this afternoon i was working on an experiment (like i have time to work on one right now, but anyway). i brought hito down to keep me and chan company. though chan could have done without hito. he’s not a fan of the dolls.
while taking photos of a quilt i received for the daily blog somehow hito snuck into the photos. the lighting wasn’t perfect but it was pretty and i liked how some of them turned out. this is just a mix of a few that i took. far from exciting but once i put together a few prop i can take some photos that may (or may not) make more sense.

i’m a fan of deep v neck shirts at the moment. well it’s been longer then a moment. the boys wear them quite a bit. now that hito has this new body he may be wearing them more often.
poor boy still needs a good sanding a blushing though. we’ll see what i have time for this week.

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