sweater finished

just showing off the sweater in it’s finished state. so very soft and in the loveliest shade of gray.
i’ve already started on my next one. this time in gold with a key hole style collar. i’m hoping to try out my new buttons with this one.

hito talk. behind cut in case you’re seriously sick of reading or seeing more of him.
hito pretty

so today while at work i was excited to get home and play with hitomu. one thing i hadn’t done while he was on emile’s body was try some of tak’s clothes just to see what worked with his style and what didn’t. (you know actually play with him as you would with any other doll). sadly after getting emile i discovered that anything that fit tak, swam on him. so hito’s choice of clothing consisted of a few shirts and a pair of pants.
i’m happy to say that he fits almost everything. love it! i only took a few photos tonight. i spent the rest of the time trying on things and giving my very tired wrist a break(knitting, crocheting, and painting tap handles all day does not make a happy right wrist).
i think i can really get used to this body.

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