hito's new body

i really fought with this one. i thought there would be better bodies out there for him but no matter how much i searched i just couldn’t one. i decided on volk’s sd13 because i figured it was a happy medium. not too young, not too mature. thanks to rosa on doa, i was able to get one.

anyway, it’s here and right after attaching hito’s head “pretty” was the first thing that came to mind. the sd13 boy’s body is a very “pretty” body. it actually suits hito. though i still have to get used to him having shoulder’s. emile’s body had none what so ever. (it’s also heavy but not as heavy as tak’s elfdoll body thankfully).
i’m happy to say i love it. the only thing he needs now a his seems sanded, a full body blushing and a tiny tattoo on the back of his neck. as supportive as the mr is he just doesn’t see hito with a tattoo. hito has his reasons.
i tried a few of the sweaters on him and besides his sweater fitting like a glove the sleeves on a few of them were short so i’m going to add a few rows to the pattern. on the other hand, the wrist warmer’s were a perfect fit. they look nicer on the volk’s hand then the mudoll’s.

btw, the sweater above is the newest one and the first one getting ready for otakon(this photo was taken before it was blocked). i tried a new type of collar this time by shaping it using “bind offs” in specific places while i continued to knit. i like the results.

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