so same boy, same sweater, same background but new little pin. yeah i don’t usually gush over things like this but come on how cute is this?

apple up close

it’s a tiny vintage apple pin that i bought from earth.spirits on doa. it’s prefect for hito. i think i’ve gone a little crazy over tiny vintage doll sized things lately so when i see things like this i flip out. too cute.

sorry for being so slow when it comes to updating the doll blog. we’ve been crazy busy the last few weeks preparing for balticon. things went really well and now that it’s over i’ll be a little better about updating. out of my two blogs this one is my favorite… shhh, don’t tell the other.

back to dolls.
so i think i finally found a body for hito *cross fingers*. i wanted a volks sd13 body and found one last evening. i’ve contacted the seller and things are looking good so far. i know i said this not too long ago but finally! i’m very excited and i think he will be too (and maybe look a little less sad for a change).


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