also known as mizu-chan and mizu-poo. this little man hasn’t bee showing his face on the doll blog that much(hito has been hogging the attention lately). i thought i would take a break from crocheting to play with him for a bit.
he’s the baby of the group. everyone pretty much does what this little kappa desires but only because they want to, not because he asks. this little water imp is a bit on the naive and curious side. he wants desperately to be liked by everyone and to be treated as a human.

i love this little guy to bits even though he’s made me break a few of my doll rules. 1. no minis and 2. none of my boys will wear pink. i bought him because i wanted a woosoo but could not justify paying the after market price. i told myself that i would only buy one if luts re-released the delf woosoo or a mnf version came out (i honestly thought it would never happen). three months later i was eating my words because as soon as he was announced i had placed my order. i was in love as soon as i received him. i swear, next to draytons, woosoo have the best lips (i’m totally a lip person when it comes to sculpts)
as for the pink thing, i can’t explain it. when it comes to style this poor boy seems to go through some torture thanks to me, but he doesn’t seem to mind. he still wears his tiny smile and blushed nose.

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