before and after

well after a little worry this morning and contacting msdoll the ems tracking number still didn’t register. i knew she had sent out the doll. that was never an issue at all. i was wondering if the number was incorrect. no sooner after i sent my message to the msdoll bbs board (how embarrassing) did i get a phone call from my mom saying that may package was there and that kevin was dropping it off. i was one ecstatic and relieved woman.

i took all of the doll arrival photos that i could and even messed around with him before putting his proper head on. when i did i was a bit taken back. now this is going to sound odd for a non doll person but i was was more then taken back. i was shocked. i kept asking myself “is this was my little hito?”. was this the same little beauty taking all of my obsessive attention lately?

crazy ramblings ahead. i’ll spare some the grief:
well i had to walk away for a bit after that thought and leave him there and let him sit by himself (poor boy. it wasn’t even is fault. it was totally me and i was taking it out on him). honestly, i didn’t plan on a body making that much of a difference. so after a bit errand running and thinking, i decided to work things out.

now when i say work things out i really mean removing the head, disassemble the body and sand the hell out of the necessary areas to the shape i need it to be. now those details i’m going to save for tomorrow when i post my own mini review of the body. i will say though, that i LOVE this body (see how i actually used caps there). if it was for any other doll head like my ryu, igon or the several other draytons i own i would use this body in a heart beat. the only thing i would touch would be the faint seams and blush the lovely thing. for hito i had to make a few adjustments but mainly to the upper torso area and shoulder sockets. the rest i left untouched. he still needs blushing and a little something that i still have to plan out but i hope to do it this weekend.

goodness, i even need to rethink style and clothes. this body can’t wear just anything.
when i look at the photo above i can’t help but giggle. what was once an awkward, shy and naive little boy is now a graceful, quiet young man… and a bishie at that!

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