and then there was two

my little drayton angels are keeping peace between the ultra men and the kewpie boys (what a troublesome bunch). they look like little drayton eggs don’t they?

yeah i have a bit of a problem when it comes to msdoll and the drayton sculpt. after seeing that msdoll is now selling the devil drayton head with a dreamdoll body i couldn’t pass it up. so i was late for work placing my order in for both the head and body early this morning (plus i wanted get that sweet deal msdoll is offering by being with in the first 10).
i’m going to give the body to hito for now and see what i think. i like the that it has a chest joint, double jointed elbows and is will make hito a only cm taller then tak. the chest joint is the big thing since hito is a sloucher and i could not for the life of me find a shorter body until now.
if it doesn’t work out it will go to one of the other heads but so far it looks good.

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