thr dreamy drayton

i wasn’t going to my doll picture post until i posted tak, my first doll and the reason for the insanity, but this lovely sculpt has been gaining so much of my attention lately. plus he’s borrowing a body from another doll from my collection nor does he have a name. for now he is known as “the drayton”.
“the drayton” is actually a drayton 2 from msdoll. after receiving him in dec i was going to leave him be until i finished up a few of my other heads but a japanese collector (and another doll) inspired me to give him a go. after he was finished it was love a first sight. i’m really happy with how he turned out. so now i’m in the market for a sd13 body and another head to mod the eyes. i’m not quite sure when msdoll will put him up for sale again but i hope very soon.

btw, “the drayton” is modeling the sweater i was working on all week. it turned out better then expected. i’m going to make note to knit the collar a little longer. you really can’t see in the photos but it should be a bit fuller. i’m thinking the the added length will add a bit more bulk.

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