A long post behind the cut… it’s been a while so bear with me…

The new additions in the only suitable clothes I had in my Blythes’ clothing collection.

I’m normally not into the anime style dolls but a while ago the Pureneemo boys caught my eye. The search for one really didn’t happen until Amy (aka Alogue) posted her little guy on Flickr several months back (it looks like the photos are no longer up but take my word for it that he is seriously cute). I found this little guy on ebay in his original box but with out his stock. He was so cute I felt that it was my duty to dress him.

Here is a link to the flickr post I made when I got him. He is a Pureneemo Ex Cute Yuuta and goodness is he a million times cuter in person. I thought it would be fun to knit for something that scale again since it had been a while. This was the main reason for getting him but I’m more smitten with him that I originally thought I would be. His little body is just adorable though I may replace it with a more pose-able one soon. A ton more pose-able but equally cute.
My wait for him was short since he came in within a couple of days of his purchase. After a stressful week (work and Grande Prix crap downtown) I was looking forward to knitting him a sweater this weekend.

I swear I’m just having him test out the length of the sleeve. Not torturing him with sharp needles. Tiny needles, Shetland webbing (think thread like thickness) and three days of swatching and knitting here is the first test fit:

Excuse the loose strings, safety pins and gigantic shoe laces (I will be replacing those… so funny since they were good enough for the girls but not for him). Like some of my bjd sweaters I have to remove his head to get it on… meh… That just means I’ll have to make some adjustments on the next one. For now the next thing on the list for him is knitted pants… because all of my boys will eventually get knitted pants.

For anyone who happened to stumble across my shop, it will be reopening later this week. I was again in Otakon’s AA again last month and had an amazing time. Usually when I prepare for this convention I’m preparing for the con as well as stock to keep me covered for the next month or two… This year that was not the case and I came back with very little to justify reopening my shop. So later this week I should be ready to have some sweaters listed as well as SD sized geta (if I can get my packaging silk screened in time). I also hope to be updating a bit more. I have a ton to catch up on so I may be going backwards with how things happened as well as keeping up with what is going on currently. I only have one more show for the rest of this year so hopefully I’ll be able to keep this promise.

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