Daisuke has only been to a few meets but every single time he has gone with out shoes on. How rude! Since the DC Sakura Matsuri meet is next weekend I thought it was about time this boy finally got some proper shoes. Sadly I wasn’t too happy with the few doll sized geta I have seen in the shops that carry them so I figured I would try making a pair.

I won’t go into a ton of details. I went with the more difficult route by glue the ha or teeth to the base. I found out after the fact that they are made from one piece of wood and are carved. This makes my life so much easier when I go about making another pair.
The hanao was a bit trickier. I chose to use a light suit fabric… A bit on the thick side so turning tiny tubes right side out was a challenge. I found some great videos and photoblogs that helped me figure out how the hanao is tied. I’m happy with the end results.
I feared that Daisuke would have issues standing but I really found the shoes to be no challenge at all. Not only can he stand on his own but for an extended period of time. He can also stand with his ankles in various angles and such (I kind of think that him being on a SDgr body has something to do with it as well). I may try to do a photoshoot of Daisuke doing a little fan dance sometime this week.
Anyway, here is a full shot of Daisuke and his geta (pardon the background… I have no clue what the Captain is doing)


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