Still trying to figure out this camera. The Mr. did help me out a bit (I’m trying to get all this manual mumbo jumbo down). I’m just terribly happy with this series. The conditions just lined up so perfectly. I’m traveling for a bit this week so when I get back I’ll post the rest.

For the friends that follow me on LJ (if anyone is still there… Even I forget to check most days), I’m going to be changing my journal to friends only. I have been getting the most ridiculous amount of spam recently and pretty horrid spam at that. I’m also going to start to use the filter feature for more of my doll post. Especially ones the going into background stories and such. I’m going use my own assumption on who is going to even want to read or see the silliness I post but if you feel that you might be passed over, let me know and I’ll add you into the fun. I normally would not care who sees but I know that this part of the hobby isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

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