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I lugged these two hefty boys around DC just to hopefully get a few shots of them in some of the Sakura trees. I would like to say that I would have left one of them home (but I would have been lying) Luckily it’s been a chilly spring so the blossoms were late bloomers. This weeping sakura that my two are sitting in was completely bare last year (and roped off). We were totally luckily this year so I got a really lovely shots. More»

Daisuke has only been to a few meets but every single time he has gone with out shoes on. How rude! Since the DC Sakura Matsuri meet is next weekend I thought it was about time this boy finally got some proper shoes. Sadly I wasn’t too happy with the few doll sized geta I have seen in the shops that carry them so I figured I would try making a pair.