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And with the stolen good (the teddies) our thief runs off into the sunset (or whatever imaginary sunset Tsuyoshi happens to see… He eventually gets caught).
The Mr took this photo… Which is kind of an old idea rephotographed.

DWC #1 and Daisuke (School A). It’s so hard to see that they are completely different sculpts unless you look really close. I’m hoping to go with the SD10 because I want a younger body for this doll and it’s also the perfect opportunity to finally get that size in my collection. I just hope the head works with the body. I’m excited to get this guy completed.

I was tagged on flickr to post a wishlist for this year. I rarely ever participate in memes of the sort but truth be told I’m rarely tagged. I figured this year I would finally get my Amakusa and items for Head and Z but… Volks posted info on this year Dollfie World cup and posted two heads to be paint and submitted. #1 just happen to scream “Young School A!”. I currently have two School As and a Schultz in my collection so this head was a must. I already have plans for him and I’m excited to put him together. After going against this list so soon in the year I have concluded that most of my doll funds this year will be put into Head and Z. Amakusa may have to wait.

Today’s theme on my tumbr dash seemed to have been the fantastic thing known as the Kotatsu… so I figured I would go ahead and post these photos. More»