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Still trying to figure out this camera. The Mr. did help me out a bit (I’m trying to get all this manual mumbo jumbo down). I’m just terribly happy with this series. The conditions just lined up so perfectly. I’m traveling for a bit this week so when I get back I’ll post the rest.



I can’t believe it’s been over a month since my last post (even longer on my not so daily blog). I’m alive and well. Things are going lovely at the moment. Work is just crazy busy (good kind of crazy) and so much so that I was given an opportunity to take on a rather large time consuming job to work on durning my free time. I will talk about this one else where because it was super challenging, I am rather proud of it and other than the casting and mold making part, it doesn’t really relate to bjds or this blog. So that on top of commissions I had taken on right before accepting the job, I was a busy girl.