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Daisuke setting up the cards to play a leisurely evening game with Mr Z. Mr Z is about to lose a lot of money… This is something he is quite familiar with.

An order from Tata that I placed, um… well over a month ago (the week after Ota to be exact) finally came in. Daisuke and Mr Z (…who isn’t even here yet) have new yukata and a set of hanafuda cards.

That auction I mentioned a post ago ends tomorrow while I’m at the farmers market (thank goodness for smart phones). So far so good, though I don’t think that will last.

I came across this book this evening and remembered that it was ages since I last made one of these guys. So much fun. I may give one another go sometime this weekend once all my commissions are caught up. Maybe even try a cute blue eyed siamese sometime down the road. Sorry for the instagram pic btw…

Trying Y!jp for the first time. Going through Noppin (omg… Way to easy to use). It’s for a certain face plate I had my eye on. Wish me luck(^ー^)ノ

King kuma and his Kuma crew dash off to their next adventure on their angry Hippo-mobile. Gojira is running to catch up hoping to hitch a ride so that he does not miss a thing. This makes all the sense to Yoshi so if you don’t get it he says “thats on you.”