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I was totally thinking about this guy today and felt the need to post a photo (an old one at that). I really should take some new ones. Maybe this weekend with Yoshi since I feel they don’t like each other very much and it would be funny to see them together(?). I honestly don’t take the photos I used to take. I never seem to have the time. I may have to cut out a few conventions over the next year. No time for personal projects. I’m thinking that a certain secret web project with a certain awesome creative gal, who has agreed to do it with me (more like put up with me, hahaha) will get my butt in motion and force me to actually schedule some time to play dollies (very, very excited^_^).

So seeing Aki reminds me that thanks to a recommendation by Miss Seijikat, an amazing artist has agreed to close the eyes on my NS School A^o^. Again, very excited. I really did not think I would find someone so soon and thought that eventually I would have to attempt it myself (have the supplies but not the nerve). There is a bit of time before I send him out, which is a good (not prepared). I need the time to clean him up from the workshop I took at Dolpa and figure out details for his face up since I’ll be getting that as well. I have no plans for him at all so there is a bit of room for freedom.

Totally random and not doll related (maybe TMI, don’t know). My mom took her monthly day trip up to Philly today with Miss P. Just the mention of Philly has me totally hankerin’ for fried cheese grits from Sabrina’s Cafe (no words on how good they are). Cait is coming into town for a week this month (July that is) and she wants to take a day trip. I will be feeding that craving. Rambling again. Sending out an email then going to bed… tomorrow is Friday. That is a nice thought to end the post with.

My new tiny care cards came in today and I love them. The Mr outdid himself this time. The font and arrangement of everything is perfect. These will be given out with the tiny items(puki and YO-sized). On the back there is my info as well as how to care for your woolen and mohair goodiesX3. I still have so much to do but I have been on a knitting roll this weekend (commission on top of merch for Otakon). At work I’m making a new batch of hangers.

As for today, it was one of those days More»

So the sweater is officially finished. I’m so happy with the end results. The Mr was so kind enough this evening to take some evening shots of Hito in his new sweater in our yard. Over sized brick wall and creepy decaying Pan statue… but what ever. Hito hasn’t had this much attention in a while and it’s totally deserving. He looks lovely<3

Staying up way to late watching shows on Netflix and knitting tiny shorts (almost finished). Sweater was finished and since it was too late to get any decent photos out of my real camera (if you can call it that) I decided to get silly ones with my cell phone. Hito looks rather moody in that last one… but if you look closely you can kind of see the little owls. My plan tomorrow is to take more detailed photos of the sweater. I may attempt this one in Yo-size for Haru. I think it would suit him nicely.


One more shot of these guys before I run off to knit. The mr took several photos very much like this one for some new “care instruction” cards I’m having made for the tines’ items. Everyone who has purchased a sweater in the past has always received at least one of the two types of post cards I’ve had made. In the back of each one are care instructions and such for the sweaters. For the tinies I’m having business sized card made (…get it… tiny post cards… *head to desk because I’m a dork*). Anyway, you can see I made good use of those little hands I purchased X3… Later this week I’ll have photos of Hito in his finished Owl sweater… finally.

Haru talks to Tsuyoshi about his new find from the garden, while Tsuyoshi closely listens(though the first photo makes it look as though Haru is goosing Yoshi while Yoshi tries to stop him… that would be very out of character of Haru if you asked me but it still makes me chuckle). Tsuyoshi is amazed that Haru can find such tiny little shells. He, himself has a very hard time even being able to see but Haru says that he has his ways. Plus he has several friends willing to help. He is going to pack this little shell up for a friend.

The little guys are all wrapped up in various knits I made just for them. Photos were taken this weekend by the Mr for new tiny sized care instruction card I’m having made to send out with all of the tiny sweaters I sell for commissions and cons. This is the first time seeing Haru in one of the sweaters. He looks terribly cute in the white one so that he is keeping that sweater for sure. The pants were made for fun. I had originally tried to make the Elizabeth Zimmermann February baby leggings for them since the sweater had turned out so well scaled down. No matter what I did I could not get the pattern to work at the Yo-scale so I had to start from scratch. I’m really happy with the results. Haru is wearing the first pair I had made. I learned a lot from these and made a few adjustments before working on Tsuyoshi’s pair. The great thing about them is the fact they don’t expose doll crack when they sit (this is thanks to some strategic short row workings… who said they were afraid of shorts rows?… me?… couldn’t have been). I worked them in a shorts version as well and I’ll be selling these at Otakon next month(these are so silly and cute). As for the pants I think I may add these to the commissions thread after the con. They are odd but are a lot of fun to make and you never know who will want a pair.

So I have two heads that I would like to have modded. I want to open the eyes on my Drayton Vamp head (that would Drayton#4 in my collection of Drayton2 heads) which I can do myself but I’m having doubts at times. There are not a lot of this sculpt out there and as far as I know MSDoll is not casting any more of these at this moment. I just want to make them more dreamy than completely open (like Hitomu’s eyes). The doubt isn’t whether I can or not but more about if I should… Absolutely silly thoughts because it’s my head and I can do whatever I want with it, grrr…

The second head I want modded is the NS school A head I purchased at Dolpa last year. I would like to close his eyes a little(lovely example who belongs to Channel’s toybox…. love this boy to bits<3<3). This is something I know that I can not do... or least haven't tried and I don't feel comfortable using my School A as an example or test subject. Has any of my lovely doll friends had this type of work done or can they recommend someone? I'm completely lost when it comes to mods like this because it's the first time I've ever thought of having it done. I've sworn off dolls for a while to finish the ones I have(>_>’… right) and these two are one the top of the list (too many floating heads… I really should think about selling some of them).

Just a little something I’ve been working on the past few weeks in between projects (being tried on by some tiny chunky monkey legs). Knitted pj bottoms. The pattern still needs a bit of perfecting but it’s so close and the fit is fantastic so far(so happy). I’m having a lot of fun knitting these up and I may try a few for the larger boys. Maybe a short version as well;P

This week has been soso and it’s cooled down quite a bit today despite the 90+ degree weather they claimed we were suppose to have (work was miserably hot tuesday and wednesday… I work in an old factory building with no ac at all). Working on Otakon this week after finishing up a long over due frustrating sweater (I blame my miscalculations on this one). I’m not throwing the towel in just yet on this one but there are a few issues I think I have to call it quits on that don’t involve knitting and dolls. Oh well.