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A photo taken by the Mr early Saturday. I think this is going to be my new wall paper for a little bit. I’ve been using the photo from this post since last year. Though it doesn’t feel right not having Hito’s pretty mug flashing across my computer. Anyway… we’ll give the new one a try for now.

The little guys hanging out in the back yard(so cute)… while I’m hacking my lungs out in the house(…not so cute). I was sick as a dog last week and still had to go into work. Blah… I still have an obnoxious cough but I’m still taking the train up to Philly tomorrow with my mom. I’m on the look out for Otakon supplies. Hoping to get some new mohair and wool lace. … as well as some soft pretzels from Reading Terminal Market. is still up in the air at the moment. It’s there but I’m trying to not post so that it doesn’t inconvenience the Mr. He has to go back and back up the new posts… A bit of a pain for him. Hopefully everything will be back to normal later this week. So much to post about.

I’m updating this here this evening due to some issue… which I will get into in a moment. Last night I had made a post on the daily blog about picking Hito’s “owl” sweater up again. The post is gone from the main site but can still be seen here. Anyway, after work and before going any further I decided to squeeze Hito into the sweater. So far so good. I’m really happy with how it’s finishing. I had mentioned not looking forward to the short rows. Mainly for the fact I was under the impression that they were more for decreasing than shaping but it’s the opposite(I really need to read directions before I start these things). It’s really to raise the neckline up… so… since this style is a bit more feminine than I wanted I’m skipping the short rows and going for more of a scooped or relaxed style neckline. If it was for me or for a female doll I would normally go for it. Instead I’m going to go right into the ribbing and hope for the best. I’m going to mark this last row before starting in case I change my mind.

So was a bit buggy last night. The Mr did a great job fixing the problems but by accident deleted the last post (it’s still on LJ so I am totally fine with that… and he saved well over 800+ old posts). Towards the end of the month the Mr is going to move all of the web sites over to GoDaddy. This site wont be affected but and my email will. So before he starts anything I’ll be sure to contact people with my gmail and or aol addresses. In the end it will all be worth it and I know that the Mr will do an awesome job. I would be totally clueless and helpless with out him when it comes to web stuff. I am terribly grateful.

Tsuyoshi: Hey Haru-kun
Haru: Yes Tsuyoshi-san?
Tsuyoshi: We’re best friends, right?
Haru: Always

My plan this evening was to separate these boys so that I could photograph Haru in the green sweater I made (even though it’s totally not his style and not for him… I think). But 1. I feel like poo this evening… (still not sure if it’s a cold, allergies or the paint I was spraying for 7 plus hours yesterday) and 2. they just looked so cute laying on the table they way they were. How could anyone split them up? I’m thinking that these two have become life long friends after meeting and are so happy to have each other. They just make me melt sometimes.

I haven’t done a B-day post in a very long time but the chibi insisted on wishing the lovely Miss Seijikat a happy day (though it’s evening now-_-). We wish you had a wonderful day and that your evening was equally fantastic!