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Now, I’m not an Apple fan myself, but who is to say that Aki isn’t? I think when it comes to electronics he would be the trendy sort. LiLu on Etsy has been a shop I’ve been keeping my eye on for a while. So many cute little electronic props for the tiny little guys(iphones, laptops and wall clocks). When I saw that they were now making their version of the iphone in 1/3 scale I knew that Aki had to have one. When it came this week it came in it’s own little box (foam and all). It’s so detailed. I think Aki is going to either need a leather case or a knitted one so that he keeps his new phone scratch free.

The hands are here(crazy fast) and I just could not resist taking a quick photo of them. They are so cute!!

…Haru wanted to play outside. Hito insisted on him wearing his sweater since it was still very chilly, yet forgot to mention shoes. The little boy ran out before he could stop him. One of Haru’s favorite things is to feel the morning dew between his little toes. On his stroll he met a friend who refused to leave his side. Will the bigger boys let the baby deer live with them?

The little deer was a gift from Hallow and Miss Seijikat.

Someone got their hair cut recently

Seiji: Owwww… Beau-kun. That really hurt!
Captain: …. so sorry…

And the story continues… More»

Everyone has been waiting for this. Yoshi-kun has been practicing for weeks to roll the katamari ball that Hallow and Miss SeijiKat kindly put together for him. He couldn’t be more excited. When asked how big he planned to roll it, his serious reply was “seventy quadrillion-bajillian kilometers”… (he likes to dream big).

Before he starts his roll he wants to explain his plan of action: More»

Wittle bit hands… so cute. Another lovely photo by the Mr. I really need to get those H-04 “hold hands” spare hands for these little guys (then you can watch amu turn into a big mushy pile of goo due to the cute overload).

Crazy tired the last few days. I almost fell asleep in the paint booth… standing… with the fan on (they are loud). I’ve been going to bed crazy early and it seems to be working but the payment is that I’m over due on emails(I’m so sorry).

I was also going to post a sneak peak to some silliness I plan on posting tomorrow. Again thanks to the Mr (for taking the photos… they have me rolling) and Miss Seijikat (for the prop… which also had me rolling but in another way). I decided to save it. When it comes to silliness you have to either show all or nothing (it doesn’t spoil that way)

Anyway… thinking of starting a blogger for the shop updates… so that I’m spamming away here. Any thoughts on it? How about twitter or tumbler? (no mention of FB please:P)

Just a quick one this evening. I had a lovely afternoon at Koba talking dolls and conventions with Lauren and Katie and later dinner at Matsuri. At the very last minute we had decide to not go to the DC Cherry Blossom Festival. This week was pretty awful for myself and both Lauren and Katie expressed the same feelings. We also delayed buying train tickets to go. We still had a wonderful day. But instead of the excitement we would have gotten from the festival we got a nice relaxing one.

I have a new camera app on my droid that has been keeping me entertained. It’s called Vignette and it’s what I used to take the photo above. This time the only thing I did was re-size the photo and nothing else. Cute little babes.

There is no doubt that the default outfit for the SWD White Rabbit is just too adorable. I will admit though, that the pants are bit over the top. Never ending frills with a gigantic bunny tail in the back. I never really thought Haru would ever use them since his style is leaning towards the Mori boy look (it does exists… I swear). I had mentioned this particular pair of pants to Mrs Seigikat in a recent LJ reply. She wanted to see them and so she shall….

Though, the model I had chosen was not the most willing

Haru was rather upset when asked to wear the frilly pants. Little gentlemen do not wear ruffled shorts.

Seeing how distraught his friend was after being asked to turn around so that we could witness the gigantic puffball (which he refused to do by the way… “how humiliating” he said) and just recently discovering of his new found love for cosplay, Tsuyoshi agreed to take Haru’s place. More»

Meet Haru. This little boy is a Volks SWD White Rabbit. I got him on the marketplace from a wonderful seller, Aussie grrrl (seriously, she was incredibly sweet). I just love him to pieces. He was one of the only things I was kicking myself for not getting last NY Dolpa. I’m not sure about the wig (it’s Yoshi’s default) but I love the color on him. I think I may go for another style. Anyway, he’s wearing a blouse that came from the white rabbit default set and Tsuyoshi’s shorts. The sweater was hand knitted just for him as soon as I found out he was going to staying with me. It’s actually a scaled down version of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s “Baby Sweater on Two Needles” or “December Baby Sweater”(ravelry). The stitch count is exact to the original pattern. I just used a finer wool (lace) and tiny needles (3/0). I’m quite happy with it.

The photo was taken by the Mr. He just surprises me all the time with his photos (though if you ask him, he’s still not entirely happy with this one… what does he know). I think photography is an under-appreciated skill and art. People tend to think it’s the camera and not the person behind it when in fact that is so not true. The subject is just a small part of it. The concept of understanding light and balance in photograph is a different monster entirely and is totally Latin to me but the Mr completely understands it. When it comes to knitting for other people I am amazed at how thoughtful and appreciative people are. When it comes to photography that is rarely the case. It’s a shame really… Well, there is my soapbox moment. Let me get down before I fall… Nighty night.