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Not sure what is up with everyone today. Things started out great up until I got home from work and then news from all sources have been a bit a bummer. Some personal, some not. I think people’s responses towards them have been strong and super negative. Not helping my mood much. I tend to be a glass half full type of person… so what gives people. Maybe it’s the horrible weather we’ve been getting this week. I know it’s gotten to me. Thinking of things to swing my mood around.

Besides the Mr and the pug (one was out playing the DnD this evening and other was a sleep under the kotatsu… can you guess which was doing what?) the two things that seem to get me out of a bad mood are Hito and a little New Order. You wouldn’t know it but it’s rather fitting. Aki is my music boy but if there was one type of music Hito loves, it would be some late 70’s early 80’s New Wave. He’s such an odd boy<3 If you ever wanted to see him break into a sweat ask him what's his favorite New Order song. It's a decision he prefers not to make(I would feel the same)... until I twist his arm... which isn't hard since he's ball jointed and all. Anyway, here were his choices: New Order: Ceremony

New Order: Temptation

New Order: Perfect Kiss

This last is a mix of 80’s electric sounds… digital frogs people… how can that not be awesome? Anyway, I thought he chose well.

By the way, this may or may not work for my LJ friends… if that’s the case you’re going to have to travel over to ol’ poisonbleu to have a listen.

I know he’s considered off topic on DOA… but oh my god is he cute!!!! I might have to get the chibi a dog.

Edit: It seems as though Hujoo exceeded their bandwidth so here is an article about it on BJDcollectasy.

Busy morning and a bit of gardening has left me feeling like mush this evening so this link is all I have for you tonight. Warning, it’s about the whole Dust of Doll and Leeke situation. A bit of doll drama, which is something I usually avoid but I thought that this could be something for others to read.

Time for bed… nighty night

Sneak peak of Yoshi-kun and his finished muffs. Both he and Usagi-chan are pleased with it

The Mr.and I had a lovely time at the Baltidoll meet this afternoon. I got to spend some awesome time with some very creative collectors. There wasn’t a person there who wasn’t working on some kind of project be it either for themselves or their dolls. Great conversation. Lauren gave me a kickass handmade Katamari bracelet and two beaded doll size bracelet (which I want to keep for myself as rings but Mizuko is fighting for at the moment). We also traded some interesting items. I brought my thorns while she had her rat bones. Seriously, what an awesome find. I’m going to make some jewelery with the ones she gave me as well as see if I can cast a few pieces (one being a complete lower jaw that she managed to get). I’m going to experiment at first with a thicker bone before going on to the delicate jaw. Cross fingers that it works.

The next meet should be the DC Sakura Matsuri next month, followed by another sunday meet at Koba. I finally found my DC meet map last night (no joke, it took me all week to find and it was in a place I should have checked first… too obvious). I was going to start the thread this evening but my brain is mush for the day. Luckily I’m off all day tomorrow.

Before I go here is a picture of Piere that I took yesterday afternoon(the Japanese spelling of Pierre… don’t know why he was named this. Yoshi insisted… I think he feels it makes him sound more sophisticated).

Piere is a blue guinea pig and a gift from Kotori (wcdragon aka captainschlumpy). Kotori’s rule is to always give a gift when you meet a new Yo sized friend for the first time. What a lovely thoughtful boy. Piere was handfelted by Jennifer and so cute. It’s hard to see in this photo but she even left a tuft of hair on his head. Yoshi-kun’s little group of friends isn’t so little anymore. Between the teddies, Piere, Usagi-chan and a little bunny that will be coming soon Yoshi can never say that he’s lonely.

Someone was very unhappy with me this afternoon…

Just in case some of the local collectors missed the thread update a few weeks back (it’s been pretty quiet over there) there is a meet this Sunday at Koba from 1-5. I’m not sure who I’m bringing yet.

I’ve had a draining week so sadly not much doll news. I still figured that I would up date.

My sister Cait is now safely in Colorado. I was feeling a bit better about her move until she left a mushy message for me while she was at the air port. So, this evening to the Mr and I stuff our faces with Chipotle and I made the mistake of doing a little bit of “window shopping” in the tiny section in the market place on DOA. I spotted a certain sleepy bunny I regret not getting earlier last year. I’m not sure if I’m going to go for it or not but he is terrible adorable and very tempting. It would break my “no new dolls for the first half of 2011″ rule…. but really, who was I kidding.

I think I’m going to attempt some doll clean up and painting this weekend. Seiji (msd Schultz) has been looking his cutest since we got back from Katsucon so I think this weekend I’m going to clean up his seams and finally blush him. It just irks me that he has this adorable little face up (I have no clue how I managed it but it took two tries) but a pale unblushed body. Especially his hands. It may take all weekend but will be so worth it when everything is done. Then the next one on the clean up list will be Hito. The poor boys needs a new body blushing and everything. I’m still fearful of having to redo his face up though.