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Tsuyoshi with his new kitten ears. After seeing all of the cosplayers running around at Katsu he was feeling a bit left out. These were just terribly cute. Yoshi is more of a little teddy than a kitten so I may try my hands at making him a pair of teddy bear ears a bit later. But for now he’s having fun being a kitten.


The hotel we were staying at had a cute little stream. Late sunday night coming back from dinner I decided to let Tsuyoshi play near the stream. His overalls are a big baggy since he has a new little friend tucked inside of them. This year at the convention a few of my boys actually received gifts. You have no idea how incredibly touched I was to get them. Once I get settled in this week I’ll get my two little boys together to show off their gifts because they need to be seen.

When we got back this morning I was so sleepy but had so much to do. We picked up Chan from my parents and ran errands so we could actually eat this week and not depend on Hill Top next door(carry out). After we finally settled in I picked one of my personal knitting projects back up but wound up crashing in the process. I slept for almost two hours. I’m still sleepy but as you can see I’m up.

Just to let you know I did make a few post this weekend while I was at the convention. Silly me posted them in the wrong blog… grrr. They were posted on the daily blog. If you want to check them out you can go here here and here. They aren’t huge posts but you can still see what I was up to… sort of. Going to bed now…


Since Mrs Seijikat has seen this photo already I though it would be okay to post it this evening. Mainly because the Mr’s photograph is the awesome and Tsuyoshi is a cutie. I love this color green. It photographs so amazingly well. This sweater also makes me happy in that the stitches at this gauge worked out so well. There is still a bit of drape and slouch to it. I can not wait to see it on her Hallow<3 So this evening I officially put my needles away. I have finished all of my knitting for the con including a few orders. I won’t stay away long though. As soon as I get into the car to drive up to the convention they will be back in my hands… this time the projects will be for me and my guys:D

I hope everyone had or is having a wonderful Valentines day.

Tsuyoshi was hoping that Hitomu would allow him to exchange teddy for a chocolate. Luckily for teddy, Hito decided he could do with out but that he would be more than happy to share his chocolates with Yoshi-kun.

I don’t remember ever showing these off but the tiny chocolates were from Cali, through the Valentines swap she organized last year. So adorable and just the perfect size (Yoshi needs two hands to eat one though XD). The swap was a lot of fun and these little guys just reminded me that I need to do more of them. They are loads more fun when it’s with people you know.

Some more awesome photos from the Mr.

Sadly, I don’t think the captain can see it, but Teddy looks like he might be having a bit too much fun at the very top of that stump.

Here is a little omake behind the cut. More»

Another awesome photo from the Mr.

This evening I received my order from TTYA’s etsy store. It was just a small order (one item) and a cute one at that. I had been eying up these overalls for some time now. They are so well made and detailed. She has tiny tags and snaps all to scale with her logo on them. So CUTE!!! Yoshi-kun looks absolutely adorable in he new outfit and outrageously orange shoes (another recent purchase). Now I just have to make him some t-shirts.

If you look closely you’ll see that he has a couple of friends with him. Two tiny teddies that I made recently. He’s not parting with the little one in his pocket but the other he’s giving to a little friend he hasn’t had a chance to meet yet. The one he’s gifting has some lavender in his belly and smells so nice when it’s hugged. It’s to keep their sweaters smelling pretty and to keep them safe from those little guys that like to munch on wool. Tsuyoshi is just a considerate little guy.

Totally not bjd related but even though they are never talked about I do love my girls (Blythes, Pullip and Una are “the girls”, Bjd are what I call “the boys”, as if you didn’t know already). Even though I was skeptical at first I actually do like the new Middi Blythe. She’s cute. I’m not sure how long it will take me to cave and get one of these girls. I’m going to wait and see what other ones they come out with first. I would love to have a brunette.

There isn’t a whole lot of info out on her but here is a link to the Blythe blog. Artist have already started making customs versions of these girls. One that I spotted recently was this lovely girl by Daisy-D. That dress and smock are so amazing. Incredible detailing.