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I met up with Lauren at Matsuri for lunch today. They only keep the first floor open for lunch. It’s pretty tight down there so we just went to talk dolls and eat lunch. We kept the boys tucked away(**mental note**I really need a better single carrier doll bag instead of my homemade contraption). For lunch I got their Matsuri bento (grilled salmon, agedashi tofu, and sashimi) and Lauren got the Matsu bento (grilled salmon, gyoza and sushi). So good…. I love food so I always make a point of mentioning it when it’s particularly good and in all my years of going to Matsuri I have yet to have a bad meal thereXD. When we were finished we went over to Spoons around the corner for coffee and to finally get the boys out. I brought Aki and Tsuyoshi and I got to see Lauren’s SD sized Mo, Sakai (gorgeous). Surprisingly both places weren’t packed. We were able to get a whole section of couches at Spoons so we were pretty much left alone for as long as we stayed which was until they closed. I had a great time. The conversation was all dolls, current and future boys (it’s always about the boys) and projects. We tend to do a lot of brain storming when we get together so rarely is there a silent moment. I’m hoping to get together next weekend. Lauren wants to see a particular head on the MSDoll body. I happen to have both so we’ll see how it looks.

I’m at a dead end on katsu at the moment. Some of my current projects are not working out as I had hoped. So to clear my mind I’ve been knitting tiny teddies for the Chibi from a pattern I found on line. Pictures to come.

I love winter but when it gets as cold as it is this evening it just wipes me out.

So no doll meet for me this weekend. I’m keeping things as simple as I can so that I’m not moving around too much. I’m doing loads better. To make up for the loss of hanging out with doll folk tomorrow, I’m going to have lunch with Lauren on monday. I’m going to bring the chibi and she’s bringing one her newer guys who I haven’t seen in person yetXD

I think I’m going to drag out my vamp Drayton (Drayton #4)next week when I get time. I got inspired this week while watching an old German Vampire film from the thirties. It’s a talky but was still filmed very much like a silent movie. I loved the look and the feel of the movie. Now as for the poor boy, he’s been sitting in a box in pieces from when I modded the body (maybe close to two years ago). I want to open his eyes a little. Not as open as Hito’s but more like dreamy or sleepy lids. He already as a body so the only work I really need to do is open his eyes, paint and blush him. I want to post progress photos since I rarely do that to begin with.

So the is my post for the evening (I almost didn’t make it).

The Mr was helping me this evening take photos for the Yo sized update I’m making in the commission thread tomorrow evening. His photos are always a million time better than what I’m able to produce. As soon as he put them into his computer he did some sizing and sent them over to me. I thought the two images above were so cute. Tsuyoshi looks like he’s in the middle of a dance.

I love him, I love him, I love him a million times over. What a cutie. This evening not only did his “proper” wig come in from Crobidoll but also a package from Mrs Seijicat from a Tata order she had organized (thank you:D). So now I feel like I can properly take photos of him (sort of< .< The photo above stinks... for a reason). His clothes from Tata are adorable and fit so well. I got him a pair of shorts, some shoes (replacing the strings) and a yukata. The wig on the other hand… I feel that Crobi wigs and I are not meant to be together unless I do some tweaking. This is the second wig purchased from them and I wasn’t too thrilled when it came out of the box. I had to modify it as soon as I put it on him (which I feel shouldn’t be necessary) But I’m satisfied with it for now. Will it be his forever? Don’t know. I really wanted a short wefted mohair wig for him. Until I find the perfect one this will be his.

The sweater is the v-neck I posted the other night. As I said before, I’m so happy with the fit. I’m gong to take some photos of the other collar styles this week. I’ve been knitting away this weekend.

So, I messed up my ankle this evening running for the bus and it wasn’t because of the ice storm we got this morning More»


Seriously, how cute is that? After waking up this morning the Mr saw these out blocking and said “they are some tiny sweaters”. I have this fascination for all things tiny especially when I see the larger version all the time. So I couldn’t resist. I tend to make cozies for ever thing I own like new electronics or anything I feel that needs covering up. All of the boys get at least one of their own in sweater form(except Hito who owns an insane amount). I’m having so much fun making these little guys that after finishing my pattern I made one for three different collar styles. This one is a v-neck (though, it may be hard to tell from the photo).

I may have a selection of these at Katsu next month. I’m so happy with the fit. The neck line lays perfectly and the sleeves drape so nicely despite the change in the density of the fabric. The only issue I have is the fact that head removal is a must in this size (these guys are so bobbled headed). I don’t mind that and even prefer it over velcro and snaps in the back (D:personal pet peeve… like over sized buttons) but I know that not everyone is fond of this. As I said I may make a few and see how they go *shrugs. It’s kind of hard to stop knitting them.

I’ll have photos of Yoshi-kun wearing his soon once his wig and clothes get here. They are all on there way so I should have him all set next week. Tiny little sweater for a tiny little guy.

Tsuyoshi aka Puff-n-stuff has quite a few packages coming in very soon. Clothes, a couple of pairs of shoes and a new wig (which I just got an email telling me it’s on it’s way). I’ve been avoiding picture taking unto I got his new one. I’m hoping it gets here this weekend. I really don’t want to get too attached to his default wig.

Yeah it’s a short one this evening. I’m going to curl up with some knitting and watch Mushi Shi (which I love right now).

I know I said that I had no doll plans for this year… yet, twice (here and here) in a short amount of time Channel TOYBOX has reminded me that I need a modded NS School A or a NS SWD School A to go with the School A I got at Dolpa (you know, the one I was going to sell to recoup some of the money spent on Aki… but didn’t).

By the way, her site also reminds me that I really want one of those gorgeous shirts of hers. So pretty… And I need to build a good collection on short haired wigs, preferably mohair. That or learn to make my own wefts with all that wool I’ve been buying. Going to her site daily has to stop. The list of dolly needs is getting longer and longer with each visit.

I made my New Years resolutions over at Amubleu the other night but I didn’t post any doll related ones. 2010 I added three new guys to my group, including the little guy above. I was able to go to Dolpa and had an amazing time. The conventions I went to were great as well this year. I even hosted not just one but two doll related panels this year.

This year I don’t plan on adding anyone to my group but I do have a few ideas. Last year I promised myself to actually enjoy my guys. Photograph them more, make them clothes and props but that didn’t really happen. So it’s back on the list this year. I’m hoping that my little blog plans will help that but at the moment I’m finding it a bit challenging… and it’s only the third day of the year;_;. I want to work on building a “place” just for the boys. It will involve me having make props and such but I think I’m up to it. Sculpting is last thing on the list. I have several projects started and I would like to have some of them finished by the end of the year. Honestly, I feel like I want to do everything sometimes and maybe I do.

By the way, after so much thought and searching I think the little guys name is Tsuyoshi. I thought it was a bit too old for him and maybe not cute enough but I can’t seem to get past it. The Mr likes it (I just think it’s because I would be calling him Yoshi or Yoshi-kun for short). I changed his eyes by the way, and what an improvement (also what a pain… damn hot glue). The smaller glass eyes give him a more realistic looks. Right now I think he look distracted, hahaha.