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So he has finally arrived… though in all seriousness he’s here a lot soon than expected. Still no name so I will be on the search this weekend. For the time being I’ve been calling him Puff-n-Stuff (horrible, I know). He’s a Volks Puff and first Yosd boy that made me go “awww…”. There is a long story on how I missed out on this guy when he was re-release this past summer but I’ll save you all from the boring details. I finally have him and that’s that. He’s so freakin’ cute!! I could totally nom nom on those cheeks of his.

Besides clothes he needs his seams sanded, a new wig, new eyes and I’m still not sure what to do about his face up. I may just touch it up a little bit and leave it at that. I’m actually liking it a bit more seeing it in person than seeing it advertised or in photos. Other than the things mentioned before, he most definitely has his little spot within the rest of the boys. I’ll eventually get into that a bit later but for now he needs a name.

kotatsu time

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday. Mine was lovely… and lazy. It seems that the Captain is having the same kind of break. Though, I will say that it’s well deserved. He works so hard for most of the year and yet he gets so little thanks let alone a break. Where my big boys have been getting new clothes here and there (spoiled I tell ya) he hasn’t received a single piece of new clothing in almost two years. I figured this year I would make a couple of things to expand the oh-so-roomy wardrobe that the Captain currently has.

deep v in plum

So I think I finally found a color for Aki. The color is called blackcurrant and it’s a deep dark plum. Finally. When I was at Neko Muffin asked if I had ever tried making a deeper cut v-neck. When I first went into making the v-neck style I did have a deep v-neck in mind. Because, you know, I love me some v-necks and the deeper the better (I think I have this slight fondness for the neck, collar bone and shoulder area, if you can’t tell by now. Pilates you scarred me for life). The first attempt was a total failure. So I went back and shortened it a bit. After the con when this particular yarn came in I thought I would give it a go. I had a better understanding this time around and I think it worked out. It’s hard to tell in the photo (this yarn is also extra fuzzy and my photo skills are… crap) but the collar really hugs his chest and shoulders. More so than the shorter “v”. I’m happy and Aki has his sweater. This one isn’t completely finished (the ends need to be woven in) but when it is I’ll take proper photos.

Uh I kind of said in my last post that the next few would be Aki-centric. Here is a little Hito and Aki to mix it up a bit

I wanted to give these photos a little bit of a vintage feel… or whatever you call it-_-,. The two together crack me up though. Hito looks a bit irritated in the first photo. I could have been taking too long to take the photo or Aki said something offensive.

aki in ALG

The next few post may be a bit more Akihiro-centric than usual. For some reason someone decided that Aki was being a good little boy and that he deserved some new clothes… what ever. A few weeks ago, by some rare chance I spotted an A Life Garden shirt on the DOA marketplace. I’ve had this list of specific colors that I’ve been wanting to get and this was one of them (yeah, yeah, the boys are color coded-_- and I know I’m not the only one who does this*glareO_o*). I have to say that the drape on these shirts are just as lovely in person as they are when they are photographed. Even though Aki looks like a ghost wearing it I love it on him. I would love to get a few more but one I know will be a challenge to get. I really want a olive green shirt for Hito. It’s on the web site but never on the marketplace.

There is an untouched photo under the link to see the color a little bit better: More»

Silliness with the boys. I found this link on another doll blog (which I can not find for the life of me). I wanted to see how da boyz would look given the dolly treatment. Sadly this site entertained me to no end (though, I think it was “the tired” that was taking over). Can you guess who is who? Some have rarely been seen here on the blog but others seriously stick out. The Mr spotted Hito a mile away but got Mizuko and Seiji mixed up. I was able to get all but 1 of the 9 in there… and yes I’m including teh kitteh (see center bottom). Seeing them like this makes them look like a bad asian boy band. I need to throw a girl in there somewhere. Hopefully the link will entertain someone reading this.

I have animated versions of these guys but I can not figure out how to post them with out making my post and blog look odd. When I figure it out I’ll post them.