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I just got my email from Volk’s. I’m going to Dolpa. Did everyone get theirs as well?

Well, I’m back from the Maryland sheep and wool festival. …I am so exhausted. As soon as I get some energy I’ll be making my festival post on the semi daily. I thought in the mean time I would just kind of update the dolly blog with related doll topics.

This was my very first time at the festival. I had only dreamed about going for about ten years. Such a different environment compared to the conventions and other show I’ve gone to. We noted that even though the festival was huge… bigger than say Otakon, no one carried around walkie-talkies (sp?). I’ve never seen this at any show before. So laid back and relaxed. I did get to see one local doll collector this weekend. Ann (thanate) and her friend Ruth stopped by to say hello, looking very relaxed and very summery (I wore jeans the first day… a very stupid idea). I hope you ladies had a fun time.

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