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Not that I’m only one but I’ve been incredibly tired the last few days. I think I only got half of what i want to go finished. I’m going to try to go to bed soon to get myself back on track. I still have a few days of vacation left and I don’t want to let them go to waste.

Well, it seems that thanks to Emily, I will be going to Katsu and I will be selling this time aroundO_o. Crazy right?! Things will be a little different for this con. The first being that I will be in the dealer’s room (should be interesting). The second will be that I’ll be sharing a booth with Nightengale. I’m looking forward to this. It will be fun sharing the table with Emily and it will give the Mr a break for once. He’ll be forced to walk around the con with the guys and take photos for once… mwahahaha:P. I’ll also be focusing more on doll items. I don’t have a lot of time but I’ll be knitting my bootie off as well as getting a good display together. My goal will be to advertise the poisonbleu etsy shop as well as commissions. I will be ordering pins postcards and maybe make some doll sized tote bags if I get the time (I’ve been wanting to make some for sometime now). For once I won’t have my little katamari princes to save my weekend so it’s all on the dolls. We’ll see how things go. In the end I think it will be a good experience.

It looks like someone was a good little boy for santa this year.

Hito received a new pair of shoes from my mom and tabi feet from Cait. The shoes will officially be his first pair (I’ve <3'ed these shoes for so long). Sadly he's been sharing Emile's this whole time. As for the feet, this will almost make him complete. They just need to be sanded and blushed. He also needs a little ink on the back of his neck and his eyes to finally come in (they should be on their way this week). I'm so excited. I have a whole week off from work so besides getting ready for new years I'm going to get some much deserved doll time in. A bit of painting and sewing will be done. Edit: By the way, the Mr. ordered that head I was wishing for>.<. It’s another thing to be excited about.

I finally found a pics of the Vamp’s Hellween Live costumes… well two out of three. I’m still waiting to see the Peter Burns costume so I will continue my search… These guys crack me up. hahaha…


Well it seems that the boys will be ready to celebrate New Years. Thanks to Kelly at egyptianruin or Kelly’s Keychains I got these seriously cute New Years mochi.

I met Kelly when we were at Nekocon this year. Both of our booths were in the fiber/3d art section of the artist alley. At the con we did this great little trade that caused me to make two custom orders with her since then. This one is the second. The first are going to be holiday gifts that I can’t quite show off but they are for amu’s little elves that have been helping out at the conventions and shows..

Anyway, she’s been talking about adding dolly props to her shop and I told her to do it!! I’m really picky about my props and her items are super detailed for such a tiny scale. Even though I have the Captain photographed with the mochi, I’m thinking these will be more for the mini dudes: Mizu-poo and Shou. Hmmm…. now I’m going to have to put together a little New Year’s photo shoot.

So our resident imps, the kappa and tengu, also known as Mizuko and Shou, wanted to do something special for Lauren for her birthday. Mizuko was busy with his crayons all day while Shou just tried to get over the shakes caused by the fact that he has to say something pleasant to someone. Though I will note that Shou thinks Lauren is okay in his book as far as humans are concerned.

Ashbet shares the same birthday as well. Even though the boys haven’t met her yet they hope to soon and also wish her a Happy Birthday.

Are you ready boys?


The Captain: Onward Ride. Take me to my destination!
Hito (Ride): Fine, whatever (*thinks* If I scratch my butt will he just fall off?)
(I swear that the matching sweaters were not intentional. Honest)

The mr, Lauren and I traveled had a great time in DC today. At Teaism, we met up with the lovely Kittymaru, Ashbet, and Perley as well as some wonderful new faces. The dolls were beautiful, the conversation was great, if not entertaining and the food and drink were quite good as well (I got the tuna bento. The seared tuna was so good and I couldn’t help but gobble up the miso broccoli. The Jasmine tea was my drink of choice). I have to say that I was a little sleepy which did not help my side of the conversation (how many times can a human say “awesome” in a five hour span. I kind of stopped counting myself when I got to thirty… Kiddies, make sure you get you sleep. Sleep is good)

So after this meet it’s been decided that Mizuko needs a pair of boot style roller skates… thanks to Lauren who even brought up the subject in the first place… and later encouraged by Kittymaru (who is looking for ice skates herself). It’s decided that he needs a white pair with skate pom pons hanging off the front. To be honest, I’ll take any color really, as long as they are boot style. If I can’t find them in an mini size then I will be making them. I can see this being very possible. Oh Mizuko, you never stood a chance around me…you poor poor boy. I’ve managed to find a new way to ruin you even more. I’d like blame it on Lauren…-_-

To get back to the meet before I go to bed. Hito was by his lonesome for this meet even though I swear I could see sad faces on the other boys before leaving (how do they do that!? It has to be psychological) I think he had a lovely time… a little under dress in my opinion. Though, he would argue that he was wearing shoes. “Isn’t that enough?” What would he say if he was asked “Did you have a good time?”? I think his first response would be “Yes, but Martel is very tall in person, isn’t heO_O?” Yes he is Hito. Yes he is…

Like I always say, pictures will follow in future posts.

or at least it felt like it.

Every job I touched this week had some type of mini disaster. The big one that needed to be finished was but not with out the help of the entire shop. Only one job on my list was completed. I had five that needed to go out TAT.

Anyway, enough of the whining. I’ve been neglecting the doll blog since crunch time started for the merry mart.

The mr, Lauren and I will be going up to dc tomorrow for the doll meet at teaism tomorrow. I’m very excited. It will be a much deserved break. I was struggling over what to change Hito into but I think he’s going to stay in the outfit that he wore to the merry mart (though he still can’t sit in those Sadol jeans of his. they may need a bit more stretching or he’ll be standing the whole time).

I need sleep so I’m going to bed.

For Lj buddies…: is anyone having issues receiving email notices when they receive messages? I’m not getting mine at all. I only log on to Lj after I get emails stating that I have a comment waiting. Even though I’ve been using it for years (under amubleu and another name) I really don’t customize my account nor use all of the features it offers(though I do have a paid account now). I’m wondering if I changed a setting or something. I tried to look myself but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.

The merry mart is over and I’m a semi-free woman (I still have a ton of holiday knitting to still do on top of jobs that have to be finished). We’re going to dc this saturday for the teaism meet. I’m very excited. Still trying to figure out who to bring. Most likely Hito… not sure of there will be a second one for not.

The week after if the Baltidoll holiday meet at Koba. I have a bit to prepare for. I think this has to be the busiest December ever;_;…

… but I’m surfing the web instead.

I added a Volk’s msd Schultz to the wish list I keep in my head sometime ago. After getting to see muffin’s Teruhiko in person at nekocon I bummed him to the top of the physical list. Too cute. Good luck to me right? I may start a WTB thread soon and maybe in a years time one will surface. I hope to be going to the New York Dolpa next year. Does anyone know if they hold the workshops at this one?

Feeling rather ho hum this week. Hearing about the new katsucon artist alley rules has not helped at all. Just when I was feeling hopeful about that convention again it just turned out to be the same old stuff.

Now buying this sadol jacket would help for a few minutes… maybe a day. I have no idea who would wear it but I would find someone who would. If only they made that in my size…-_-