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know it all

The mr will find a million things wrong with this photo and my sad attempts of photoshopping.

Hito looks like a know it all with Tak’s glasses (his broken ones). He knows that I want to stop working on human knits and start working on doll knits. Why is it that everytime I have to knit one thing a million ideas for another project some up only to disappear when I finally have the time. I kind of in that place right now. Oh well.

Btw, this sweater on the sd13 body is funny. When Hito was borrowing Emile’s body it fit like a charm… when he wears it on his current body, not so much.

This year holiday party will be at Koba again this year. All are welcome and it should be fun.

Koba Cafe
644 E Fort Ave
Baltimore, MD 21230


As plans become final I’ll be sure to post them.

I’m making a super late night post. Spent most of the early part of the day running around. I later foun d myself sitting under the kotatsu watching my one piece marathon while knitting like a mad woman. I’m now trying to make up for the non post I failed to make last night. I predict that it’s just going to be a load of gibberish so bear with me.

The NY Dolpa was announced and the dates seem to be set. I’m going to try my best to go. I have plenty of time to plan. I figured I’ll go to NY by myself for a few days but hating the fact that I would be traveling alone bothers The Mr for some strange reason. So he said he would go as well. We’ll see. I would hate to drag him to another doll event. Meets are one thing. He enjoys those but to spend a few days surrounded by dolls for an entire weekend is another thing. He could have a weekend of video games, the pug and himself.

Totally unrelated, just as I slowly shrunk down my wish list, new doll heads are finding their way on to it. For the past few months I planned that the Swd School A would be my next head. I was going to mod the eyes open a bit. I still plan on getting him but now I see that dollgru opened up her #9 preorder again but only for a few weeks. He is such an odd sculpt but as strange as it is, his profile is quite lovely. I was hoping to find a gentle enough sculpt to pair up with Hito and this one may be it. We’ll see though. If I get him, I’ll paint him up only for him to tell me that my plans were all wrong. It always happens.

smexy jeans

A good little model received a few new pairs of jeans in the mail today. Instead of working on merry mart goodies, my time was spent getting his little resin tush into them. They are so tight he can’t sit but he looks so good.


I missed a post last night because I was up late watching a hilarious Japanese program. It had me rolling. That on top of being very sleepy to begin with, I didn’t trust myself to make sense of anything other then sleep. So no post.

I’m still exhausted but this afternoon we met up with the Baltidoll ladies for our november meet. The photo above was taken by the mr using my camera. I really hate the thing. it would not focus no matter what. The room we were in was a little dim but nothing considered low light conditions. Anyway I did take quite a few so I’ll try to go through them this week and post them. I still have nekocon photos to go through as well.

Anyway good times were had today. Now I’m going to bed… still much later then I wanted to. Oh well.

So cruising through Amazon japan (because, you know, I was in need to spend more money) I discovered that after my four year search, a specific book was back in stock. It was because of this that I decided to throw another book into the cart because 1. it was in stock for once and 2. again I needed to spend money.
I’ve been talking about making my own doll now for a couple of years and even started a few, mainly heads. I’ve been eying up Yoshida Style: Ball Jointed Doll Making Guide for a while. It was never in stock when I was looking for it and when I did find it, it was listed on ebay for an insane price and crazy shipping. I’m so glad I finally decided to buy it. It’s a lot thicker then i had originally thought and it is so full of amazing info. Even though my Japanese stinks I can pretty much understand what is being taught. It has everything from making the doll itself, eyes and even shoes (this was a very pleasant surprise because I want to eventually try making my own). It’s just a fantastic book and very inspiring.

Now on to Hi Iro no Mani-Era More»

sweet kimono

This is one of the lovely doll items I picked up at Nekocon this past weekend. Tiffany of leveldevil was in the artist alley selling her lovely doll clothing. I had purchased a wig from her this past otakon and was so happy to see her this time around. She had this lovely kimono on display and when I saw the quality and what she was asking for it I had to get it for one of my boys. It’s completely lined and it looks to be hand stitched which is how classic human sized kimono are made (some know how crazy I am about details like that). It fits Hito so nicely. I usually have issues with the length. It’s longer since I think it maybe made more for a long leg volks (I will have to ask. Hito in on a normal leg body, btw) but it’s perfect.

here are a few more pictures of my lazy boy

This is just a shot of the doll side of the table (looks so messy as always). I wish I had time before the con to work on my displays a bit more. The sweater rack worked out well but it’s still far from finished. I put Hito’s mask up, even though it still needs to be painted. I did get a few inquiries about it. We’ll see how far I go with them. I want to make a few more for my boys.

Today adventure on the train has left me so drained. Even though I managed to play with some of my doll items >.< I sadly didn’t photograph them. Though I will say I got the loveliest yakata ever at the convention. I put it on Hito (of course) and I don’t want to take it off him. I promise to post photos and info on it this week.

I swear, every time I say “some what human” I always think to myself that that would make a great band name… that is, if it’s not already taken.

Nekocon was this weekend. It wasn’t a huge sell out but I did have a great time and the artist alley experience was awesome. I met some great people and made a few connections so it was well worth it. I bought and traded some lovely items as well as talked to some wonderful collectors. I’ll be sure to post the doll side of things here. As for the non-dolly stuff, that will all go over to the daily.

Btw, I will still be posting daily but as of this con I’ll be posting back and forth. I’ve been neglecting this blog sadly and it’s because I had it in my head that I had to keep the daily going even if it meant posting doll info there instead of here. So now I’ll be posting all my doll info here, in it’s proper place and crafty info and real life stuff on what was the daily. Again I’ll still be posting daily but just on one blog depending on the content… if any of that makes sense at all.
It’s been a long weekend and I’m exhausted. I’ll try to post about the con this week.

Completely unrelated to dolls (though this blog is more about my vices and obsessive hobbies, so it fits) but while checking out the reports for the Vamps Hellween party this year it seems that Hyde called on the spirits of the 80’s British new wave gods to choose his costumes. Thursday night he chose Martin Degville of Sigue Sigue Sputnik (seriously I can imagine this one was a bit crazy but people say that he looked amazing). Friday he went with Peter Burns, lead singer of Dead or Alive (yeah, I really can not wait for photos to come out for this one. I still have “spin me around” on vinyl). Saturday night was Boy George (Katie that is for you, I not touching it). I hope someone gets photos soon. It sounds like it was certainly a show this year.