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I hope everyone is have a safe and fun Halloween. Our’s has been nice but quite.

The mask above is a little experiment with paper clay. I wanted to make Hito a mask. In fact he demanded it (though I don’t think he would be the demanding type). I love this stuff. It’s a dream to sand and I found that my jeweler’s saw cuts though it like butter. Now if I could just get used to sculpting with it.

vest and vamps

I’m still alive… though I feel like I’ve been reminding people of that quite often on this blog. Still preparing for nekocon. I haven’t hit panic mode but I think it’s because the mr has been a huge help in the preparing stages. I’m going to talk him into helping me silk screen this weekend:P

I made a new vest which hito is modeling, though I really should have put more thought into the photo. it may be hard to see because I’ve realized that my screen on my laptop is pretty light. I always forget this so I can imagine that my photos look very dark to everyone else.
I’m happy with the vest but I know I’m going to have to make some changes. I want to silk screen a panel in the front so I may combine some of the panels. I don’t to lose the shaping but if I have to I’ll add darts (don’t wanna though TAT). I’ll figure it out eventually. I did realize that my steaming and pressing skills need work.

I’m feeling silly this evening so I included my new wall paper in my very dark photo. My old one was a photo of Mizuko. It was an old photo right after I gave him his first face up (a face up only a mother could love and boy did I think he was the cutest thing ever. Still is<3). For now I put up this fun little gem until I replace it. It fits since I joined a Hyde mnm group order… because you know, why have one mnm head when you can two (*cough* or three *cough*). It’s my first time joining a mnm go so I really didn’t know what to expect. Normally I remain low key in any group order I join but this one is hilariously fun. The person running it is just so great and a few have really gotten into the whole thing. Anyway, I can’t until the heads are finished but I know I’ll be bummed when it ends. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts.

(photo was cross posted to the daily blog)

Just a comparison and sample of a slight change to the wide neckline on the takumi sweater. For all of the technical stuff and knitting lingo you can go to my daily to get all of the details.

I’m still working on the con… though it feel like I just started. So much to do and seriously so little time. I’ve been feeling a bit scattered with my projects lately. It may be the lack of sleep, all of the craziness going on at work or the change in weather. I just can not focus on anything lately. Luckily due to the “craziness” I was told I could take the whole week of before the con… thank you. I’m so going to need it. especially since i’ve been asked to work an extra day next week.

I did decide on a theme for my table at least… I always need a theme for some reason. I’m going to try to work on displays the next few weeks that will focus around it. I was really doubtful if I would ever find one but I think this is it. I’ll spill more details later. I don’t want to spoil it.