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Cross posting this photo to the daily as well.

Yeah I managed to actually take some photos that I don’t mind… but only after getting some help with photoshop. The mr taught me how to use a few new tools in the program so it will be another thing to over use until I learn something else.

Another “pictureless” post. I got into the habit from my daily blog to always have a picture for every post. That isn’t always the case since this is a different blog. I’m not sure you really want to see my doll photos as it is. They have been super disappointing lately.

Anyway… I’ve been busy preparing for nekocon. So much work yet so little done. I have a feeling that I’m going to be tearing my hair out as the con creeps up.

I am happy to say, though, that I think I finally got the dollshe pattern down. At the last meet Tina brought along Lassa, her Hound, and I just had him try on one of my finished sweaters. The reason for this was that the measurements I took originally didn’t add up.  When I went through the numbers I saw that the measurements from Lassa were almost exact to Tak’s, my elfdoll wu, who is the smallest in my sd sized group. It didn’t make sense. So Lassa tried it on and besides the length on the body, sleeves and raglan decrease, the sweater fits like a glove. So as soon as I finish my current commissions I’m going to whip up a sample and see if I can find willing Dollshe to try it.

My “wish knits” list (say that three times fast)  keeps growing. I’m not sure when I’ll get around to knitting them but the list includes:

-a deep v neck version of my takumi sweater. This has been on my wish list for a while and I think I have an idea on how to do it. Again it may be a while before I get around to it  but it would be nice to add the option to my commission page as well as the con coming up.

-knitted ruffles. I was actually swatching this last night. I planned on making ruffled human sized wrist warmers for the Merry Mart this december. Ruffles are so romantic and lace once make it even more so. I like the idea of adding them to knitted pieces in general but I also like the idea of adding them to woven fabrics as well. I’ve seen vintage clothing with crocheted button loops and laced edging that is actually crocheted to the piece itself. I think the same can be done with ruffles. Again, when I have time.

I know there is more to the list but these thing are on the top two. I’m going to see if I can squeeze them in when I can. The mr is out today so I have the house to myself. I should be able to get plenty done.

Another list that has been growing has been the doll wish list. And this is after I whittled it down to just one. It looks like a Soom Dia boy can be added. Ugh… I’m not even sure he would fit in with the other boys but I really don’t care. He’s lovely and I want him. I’m not sure when I’m going to attempt it but maybe sometime in the future. Maybe if I wait long enough the want will disolve but I doubt it. Again, he’s so lovely…

It has been a while since I’ve posted anything in the doll blog. I’m alive and well. I just had a human sized commission kick me in the butt (and is still doing so). I’m also working on nekocon and doll commissions. I’m realizing that dolls are easier to knit for then humans. oh well.

As for dolls, things have been so so. I’m getting a bit down when I attempt to use my camera. I was warned that people complained that it hated low light conditions but when you’re trying to take a photo of something in a sunny room and the camera says that the conditions are not right then you know that something is not right (I really hate my camera right now).

I’ve also hit this bump in road when it comes to the social doll scene. I’m not going to bore any one with details but I gotten a bit over sensitive to things over time. It’s caused me to spend less time on my own dolls and getting work done (maybe it’s a lame excuse for laziness). But I think I need to just take some time out and enjoy my dolls and not worry about what goes on outside of that. I think I’ll get more done that way.

I have a few sweaters to show off so hopefully I’ll have some photos this week. I’m also hoping to get the ready made shop open this week as well (long over due). I’m still debating on putting them up on etsy or just doa.


i’m crossing posting this in the daily blog since it happened today anyway. sorry lj friends.

we had a mini meet of sorts at patterson park today. the weather was really nice so the mr and i decided to walk (it’s about an hour and a half away from the house).

a few highlights:

-i got to see lauren’s hand work on her new mask

-tina brought a glati (too cute :3)

-the weather couldn’t have been more perfect

a few low points:

-i lost my favorite hoodie (that really bothered me. i loved that thing)

-towards the very end of the meet we had one guy who tried very hard to find out how much the dolls were worth. he was really persistent but we were good pretty good at dodging the questions and gave pretty good answers. a major rule that most collectors follow is never talk price unless it’s with another collector. the whole thing was very strange and a first for me at a meet.

-we totally missed our chance to go up to the pagoda for photos (thank to the lovely persistent man). the mr and i will most likely trek back up there next weekend to do to it though. despite the few things mentioned it was really nice. i’m bummed that it may be the last out door meet for the year.

red sweater

here is the finished red sweater. very pretty, is it not? i love doing these commissions. since i haven’t made solid sweaters with all of the colors in my stash, the commissions allow me to see what kinds these colors create. This is the limited red that i got from my last trip to san francisco. i love this color<3. i just have a tiny bit left. maybe enough to add a stripe in a sweater or maybe to make a dolly scarf. i haven’t figured out what to do with the bits of mohair i have left yet:3

here are more photos of the back and side behind the cut, as well as info of the vamps shirt. More»